NOTTS - AI Monthly Catchup - December 2018

Today's Agenda

  • Update on work behind the scenes
  • Proposed Project Ideas
  • Previous Week's Data Challenge mini insights

We've now created a Website to consolidate all the mediums, and its easy to remember too

Notts Website Image

For those who are not yet on Slack, here is the embedded invite:

Github Organisation

Project 1

Helping a Nottingham based Blockchain project that is aiming to decentralise Voluntary/Charity Work. They are in need of an effective AI engine that identifies volunteers, and matches skills with the blockchain profiles created by the volunteer network

Possible approaches (and many more):

  • NLP - NER / Features Extraction
  • Text Classification
  • tf-idf / RNN (Word Embeddings)

Project 2

Localised Kaggle competition:

Histopathologic Cancer Detection Identify metastatic tissue in histopathologic scans of lymph node sections

Kaggle Link

  • a CNN implementation

Project 3

Nottingham Open Data website's Datasets.

  • Road traffic accidents (13000 rows of data, with precise long/lat locations and other fields).
  • Traffic Lights, Crossings, CCTV Cameras, One way Streets

Loads of other Geo-Rich sources: ordnance survey data, historical weather and traffic data, speed limit data.

explore data, visualise, model to predict factors that lead to accidents, eventually contribute to accident reduction initiatives.

Midlands investment and regeneration opportunities:

Previous Week's Data Challenge mini insights

mini (or should say tiny really) as looked at only dataset: 2018's PCN Data (upto Q3 - September).

PCN Analysis Image

PCN Analysis Image

Carrington Street Bus Gate:

Consistently highest earner for Nottingham Council (Over 400K in 2017)

Thurcaston Road:

Leicester and Nottingham Partnership

Council's expense: £35,000 to set up a camera system on the bridge

Curious Case of Carrington Street